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Taylor Swift and the Spotify Rift

Posted by on Feb 1, 2015

After the public rift between Taylor Swift and Spotify over streaming payments and the theory’s as to why? and it got me to thinking.
First of all Taylor Swift is signed to an old style record company, so my first thought is that she is nearing the end of her contract and for some reason has a bee in her bonnet about Spotify, and her record company The Big Machine is going along with her to keep her sweet.
But seeing as The Big Machine own all her recordings (Assuming they have an exclusive contract) they are the only people who have the right to exploit her recordings (ie stream them on Spotify.)

So maybe The Big Machine are using Taylor Swift to bully Spotify into handing over more then 70% of the income they currently play. It might be a tactic for the large record companies to play but somebody should explain to Taylor Swift that digital downloads are following cassette tapes, CD’s and vinyl into becoming historical artifacts.
Right now in her career she ought to be maximizing her streaming presence and income. The next time she signs a record deal she should keep out the streaming rights and deal with them herself. Very easy to do using an aggregator like Tunecore.
But because Taylor Swift is signed to a major they are probably taking 20-30% off the top for a purely accounting procedure.
I am old enough to have moved through several formats and I have to say streaming is the best so far, for both the consumer and the musician.

We have released a new tune through Tunecore this week and here it is on Spotify.

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