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Help Zamrish make a video for “A Change is Coming”

Posted by on Dec 31, 2015

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.

As you know our new tune – A Change is Coming- is out now and available to stream or buy from Spotify and iTunes ( You can listen  for free here on Reverbnation and on our Facebook page.)

Zamrish are making a video to promote this on YouTube,Vimeo and Muzu.

We are inviting everybody to take part in this production by making and sending a short video of you,
your friends,family or pet, neighbour,
miming, dancing, celebrating, or anything indeed that would reflect “A Change is Coming”.

Please upload your videos to by the 16/1/2016. Remember you will have to follow
Zamrish to be able to upload.

Please state the country of origin of your Video shoot.

The best/most interesting video will receive one of the hottest gadgets of the year a bluetooth speaker system for your listening
pleasure and we hope you will be listening to our tracks!.

Any or all of the entries could be incorporated in the finished video montage. Unless of course that your video is so good
that Zamrish wants to use it all.

So get filming, dancing, miming on your HD camera device/phone. Dont worry about sound quality but
please film in landscape mode. You can use edits, effects, whatever you want to make your finished film.
Get your creative juices flowing and lets make the best video of a small world in 2016.

Best Wishes



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